Conference – 5 Stars!

Well wasn´t General Conference just great? Great talks, awesome topics. Such a spiritual feast!

I don’t want to talk about next week, so I will talk about my weekend! Woo!

Last Monday we received a referral of a complete family of 5! Two days later we found them; they live pretty far away from the center of our area. They are absolutely INCREDIBLE. Golden. 5 stars. (get it?) As we taught the parents, Walter and Irma, we noticed their sincere desire to know more and to attend church. While we were sharing the Restoration, Irma mentioned many times “We are definitely going to church this Sunday.” As she walked us out to the road, she told us Walter always had trouble going to church but that he felt especially impressed to attend when the two sister missionaries contacted him. We called them many times before Sunday to confirm that we were going to go pick them up in a truck. As we drove up the beaten-up dirt and rocky road to their house, I saw in the distance 5 figures running toward us. As we approached they immediately got to the side of the road and waited for us with huge smiles on their faces! They hopped in and we went to conference. They loved it and then went home.

I will never forget seeing that little Guatemalan family running toward us, its an image engraved in my memory connected to a deep feeling of love for those people. Every day I find more things I love about this country and people. Usually I can describe my feelings with words, but its becoming more difficult as I feel more and more conflicted everyday. All I know is that God is guiding me and I´ll be alright. I love my time here and preaching the gospel in Spanish to my Guatemalans is one of the greatest blessings I’ve received in my life.

God lives and loves us. There are so many things that distract us from the path that leads to eternal life, but if we keep our sight on Him we wont be swayed.

Hermana Page

All of the hermanas from our zone fit in a tuk tuk! (my comp not seen)

All of the hermanas from our zone fit in a tuk tuk! (my comp not seen)


Chinese food Guatemalan style! Zone lunch.


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