Abusive Mangos – March 30, 2015

We were teaching an old man under a mango tree, and I was talking about how he could receive an answer to his prayer. Suddenly a branch 40 feet above my head snapped and a huge mango flied down and pummeled my foot. I was so stunned that I started crying. It didn’t actually hurt that bad but I was just so surprised. The guy got up and said we needed to go to shelter – so we brought the chairs inside and he started to tell me how God would recompense me for the damage done by the mango. In the end he gave us the mango and I threw it against a wall. They’re getting kind of old, ya know?

Today for P-day we played sports in the church, which was alright. Then the elders started wrestling on the grass. It was a real hoot. The good thing is I was able to go the market and buy some souvenirs for friends and family!

Rainy season has made quite the entrance – yesterday it started at 2pm and did not stop until 7pm! We were soaked to the bone but we pressed on! It’ll be a wet, crazy week with all this Holy Week stuff.

It’s so weird to read your journal entries of the past, and view them as if a different person wrote them. I know I’ve changed a lot in the mission, but is shocking to see the difference in writing, and to really notice how the Lord has shaped me to be the person he wants me to be. How grateful I am for the Atonement and the ability to change!

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