Waves of Time – March 23, 2015

My weeks are going by faster and faster, and my little amount of time is a haunting reminder. I could say that I’m not thinking about it, but fact is fact. I’m just going to roll with the wave of speeding time and be led to new experiences. My focus right now is having the Spirit guide my steps, my thoughts, my everything. That way I will have a better chance of keeping it with me as I delve into the “real world”…


I really didn’t feel this week. It was great, but it FLEW by. We had the blessing of a wonderful baptism on Friday.

Beberly's baptism

Beberly’s baptism

Beberly is the daughter of a recent convert who hated being pressured to be baptized. She’s a divorced 29 year-old with a 6 year-old little boy. When her mom got baptized, she attended and continued to go to church off and on. One Sunday she stood up to bear her testimony and said she liked the “philosophy” of the Church. It was a unique experience and led us to believe that she would soon be baptized, but in the Lords’ time. We put her on pause for a couple weeks until she attended church alone two Sundays ago. The gospel principles class was so great and we felt the Spirit so strongly that after the class she came up to me and said, “I’ve made a decision. I’m going to get baptized.” I was so happy for her! Elder Pereira did the interview in the church and her baptism was on Friday! She really wants to guide her child in a good path and follow the Spirit.

I love the mission and I’m enjoying every moment.



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