17 Months Old – March 16, 2015

Happy Monthday, Im 17! Can you believe it?

Fight to the finish.

1. Its MANGO SEASON. Im stoked. Ready to plant a mango tree in Fresno.

2. A couple days ago we took a bus to a faraway part of Mazate called Santo Domingo, which was a closed area of elders. After receiving a couple referrals from members and some contacts, we passed by a bunch of hooded teenagers. They were just chilling, eating granizadas and laughing. My comp wanted to ask why they were hooded but we chickened out and got on the bus. A few minutes later they walked toward the bus and got on! One of them sat right next to me and then they all began to creep hard. “I’ll pay for your ticket” “Talk about love at first sight..” It was awkward but we later found out they were political demonstrators and were dressed like that for a college project.  (Mom note:  This paragraph worried me)

3. While we were walking down the main street, there were a bunch of drunks in the corner near a police car. As the police car was about to drive off, one of the drunks lurched forward and tried to open the police car to hit the police. Seven officers leaped from the car and simultaneously pummeled the guy to the ground and threw him around like an animal. Violence? Don’t worry mom, God protects us.

4. Its Catholic season. Lots of processions with huge crosses, candles, and masses of people in the streets at night. It’s odd, but it helps us distinguish which people are ready to hear about the restored gospel.

5. We were visiting a less-active family whose kids were recently baptized in January. The mother of the two converts is currently going to a different Christian church even though she is a member. As we were talking she mentioned that she had a strange dream. Then she looked at me and said “You were in it.” I was like, what? In her dream I was telling her not to bathe her baby in the pila because it would drown. I didnt really understand the point of her dream, but she said “It might be a sign that I need to return to the Mormon church.” .. yeah! THATS what it means.

Those are the crazy things that have happened this week, and I hope to have more cool experiences to tell next week!

This week I’ve been thinking about the doctrine of the chosen ones. I was thinking – to find the chosen ones, we cant be choosy, because we dont choose them. Our mission president addressed the topic and explained that the “chosen” aren’t people who have been selected to be saved – because Gods plan is that all mankind might be saved. The “chosen” are those who are ready and prepared to hear the gospel. I’m praying to find those people.

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17 Months

17 Months


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