March Happiness – March 2, 2015

HEY MARCH. Time goes too fast!

News- we moved!

In the other shack house we were living in, there were a couple problems of “losing” money mysteriously so we ditched it and found a perfect apartment! It made the week a little stressful but we are safe and sound.

There have been a couple changes in the mission concerning Pday – so I will no longer be reporting the calidation of our pday because they are no more. Not that we can’t have fun days, but there are certain requirements and goals that we must fulfill to be able to truly enjoy a pday.

I was looking back at my past entries thinking, how did I have so many crazy experiences in the beginning of my mission? But then I thought – I have those EVERY DAY. It’s so common that I forget specific things that happen to me! I’ll try to remember so I can make my entries more interesting.

A couple days ago, I had an epiphany in a tuk tuk. I had just made a joke with the tuktukero and he laughed. I waved and smiled to an old woman outside sitting alone and she cheered up to wave back. I always knew that we can cheer up someone’s day through small actions, but sometimes general truths don’t click for us until we make them personal. We can all make people happy by showing them we care, or even though a simple smile, and now I have a testimony of it! I decided that I want to be positive. Everyday I have the decision of how I want to respond to certain situations. Even though it may be difficult, I have a new goal of firstly – thinking positively. Then – speaking positively.

Happiness is what we all seek, but it’s also something we choose.

I have 6 weeks left and I am HAPPY; not necessarily because I have little time left, but because I’m where God wants me to be and I can see His blessings poured out on me and my family. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Hermana Page

District Breakfast - Bean and egg burritos!

District Breakfast – Bean and egg burritos!

My comp and I, happy about the new house!!

My comp and I, happy about the new house!!


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