Baskets of Baptisms – February 23, 2015

This week was great because we got to go to the TEMPLE in XELA! You all know how I feel about the temple, so there is no need to describe how WONDERFUL it is. I hope to visit one more time before I return home in April.

A week ago, I talked to Hermana Ruiz (our mission presidents wife) about putting together a little gift basket and having a competition in the zone of who could reach every goal they set for the week. When she brought us the basket, it was a BUCKETFULL of expensive goods that could only be carried by two elders. We were shocked, and the whole zone was ooeing over it and everyone kept saying, “Oh we are totally going to win that basket… Nah, dude we got it in the BAG… You guys don’t have a chance..”
The idea wasn’t to focus on the competitive side, but to prove to ourselves that if we are dilligent we can complete any goal we set. We had the most baptisms we’ve had this week, than in all the month. All of our “fechas” have been interviewed and we are set for success in March! We worked really hard for the basket, but another set of elders won it. They baptized a family of 3! Cool beans.

The elders in our ward were teaching a 20-year old girl named Rosi who has a child of 2. She had accepted to be baptized and had the necessary church attendance. However her mom didn’t have trust in the elders and it made Rosi uncomfortable. The baptism was in the air… until they told us to go visit her, gain her moms trust, and challenge her to get baptized the next day. They told us that if we could, she would count for us. So we embarked toward their area and met with Rosi, talked and laughed with her mom, and began a little lesson with Rosi about the Restoration and challenged her to be baptized. She accepted and was baptized on Saturday! She was totally prepared when the elders met her and we were just a part of her conversion and the plan that God has for her!

Still chugging and loving what I do!
Hermana Page

Baptism of Rosi.

Baptism of Rosi.


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