Meet My Parents – February 16, 2015

This week I met my Guatemalan parents.

We contacted a referral given to us by the elders named Michelle. As we walked to her house and opened the door, we chatted and asked if her husband was home too. He came into the living room and presented himself as Martin! It dawned on me about 5 seconds later and I mentioned to them,”those are the names of my parents!” We all laughed and Michelle said, “You’ll never forget us!” That’s for sure.

Our wedding and baptism fell through this weekend, which was really hard. Glenda was so excited and had everything ready, but Brandon chickened out and went to work. I know the Lord has a plan for them, but they need to understand the importance of obedience in order to receive the blessings they’re looking for. We are going to keep working with Brandon so he can be ready for a different date this month or in March.

We were feeling pretty sad after church yesterday, and as we were sitting outside the gate waiting for two sisters to arrive, a super thin old man in running spandex passed by. As he passed us, he twitched his shoulders and touched his toes and kept going. I defnitely laughed. I’m glad he was put in our path to give us a smile.

My cousin, who is also Hermana Page, shared with me a quote that I loved:
I am competely dependent upon the Lord, and I know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust in His plan. If he called me here, I have faith (future oriented dependence) that he will provide and lead me to become a better instrument in His hands.

Hermana Page

Zone Pics

Zone Pics

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One thought on “Meet My Parents – February 16, 2015

  1. Curtis Page says:

    That is a cool story about your second dad and mom. You are doing a great work I think you should be a writer your comments are so entertaining. I hope Brandon comes around. Remember you cannot fail with so many of us prayer for your success. We love you Curt and Joleen.

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