I Went to Taco Bell – February 9, 2015

What’s up America

Another week in the mission has gone by and we are still chugging. Finding people, dropping people, teaching, exhorting, stressing, planning, eating, sleeping, walking, walking, walking. That about sums it up.

Today we didn’t do anything extremely eventful, but we played “beach” volleyball and basketball with another zone of missionaries. Then we all went to Taco Bell and I ate a chalupa. Fattening? That’s okay. My comp and I have new goals to run at 5:30am and do ab exercises. Ask me in a week how those goals are going..

Interviews were on Wednesday. President asked me, “When are you leaving?” I responded “In April.” “Woah, that came up fast!”

Well, VALENTINES day is coming up and we have a WEDDING. How perfect, right? Anyway the couple, Glenda and Brandon, are in their 20s and have a 2-year old daughter. Its been hard to get Brandon to church because he studies on Sunday, but he went yesterday and loved it! We went to their house yesterday to challenge them to baptism/marriage, and we weren’t too surprised to find out they have problems (as most people do), but the fact that we were able to have an inventory of everything going on, really helped them out. They are now ready to change and live the commandments of God. Families are forever man!

This week I have a stronger testimony of GOALS. Its good to think about what you want to achieve and write it down, but the accomplishment of said goals requires us to act. I can put down any number of people we want to find in one week, but if I don’t make plans to achieve it, I wont ever have that satisfaction of saying “YES I did it!!” Set goals. Make plans. Do work.

I chose a bad computer without a USB thingy so I can’t send pictures.

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One thought on “I Went to Taco Bell – February 9, 2015

  1. Gabriela Nuñez says:

    Una amiga en la misión, Hna Morris, me dijo una vez: Una meta no escrita es solo una esperanza. Eso cambio mis perspectivas de como hacer metas desde ese momento. Bien por tus metas compa, sigue brillando !!!

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