Led by a Little Girl – February 2, 2015

Last week I basically explained nothing, so sorry for that!

MAZATE ROCKS. The zone of missionaries is fun, the members are loving and willing to work, there are prepared people, and theres SUBWAY and other cool American restaurants… Tomorrow we start our morning runs, thats for sure.


We did a fun Zone activity in the forest playing CAPTURE THE FLAG, and barbequing hawaiian hamburgers. It was awesome – but geez the heat is a killer. I was a spy for my team, so I got to sneakily hide in bushes pretend to be an explorer. Yeah…

merica flag!

‘merica flag!

We have been finding a lot of families who are prepared to hear the gospel, and we had a cool experience this week that I wrote in my journal. About 2 weeks ago a woman and her kid on a motorcycle passed by and said “Buenas!” super cheerfully, but we had no idea who they were. So we just kept walking and as we came upon a door that opened up to a huge property, the girl from the moto yelled at us, “I live here!” So we talked with her and her mom walked up. We invited them to church and she said, “We dont have anything to do Sunday… yeah, we will go!” Unfortunately when we passed by on Sunday they didnt hear our knocking, because it wasnt actually their property. So we decided that there must be another entrance to there house… One day Hna Rosas saw a little entrance with a metal door that led to more houses, and she said, “I think they live here.” So we entered and came upon a house, and once again, the little girl came out to greet us! As we talked with her parents, we could feel that they were really prepared to hear the gospel, and thanks to elders 12 years ago, they already have an idea of who we are. In the moms prayer, she mentioned that we are angels led by Sofia (the little girl) to their home to bring them the gospel. They are incredible and the mom (claudia) already came to church! Now we are just focusing on the dad so they can all be baptized together. I love families!

Also we had an incredible conference with Elder Ochoa from the Area 70, who talked to us a lot about how the investigadores can have faith to achieve repentance. He really is an inspired messenger of God, we learned many principles and are going to apply everything!

Hermana Page

View from our shack-house of the third floor apartment.

View from our shack-house of the third floor apartment.

There was a pile of broken TV's by the river.

There was a pile of broken TV’s by the river.

Hna Rosas and I in the zone activity.

Hna Rosas and I in the zone activity.


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