Read the Book of Mormon! – January 19, 2015

Queridos amigos,

I am pretty sure I will be leaving my area this Wednesday, which is a lot sadder than I thought it would be. After 6 months of working alongside these incredible members and converts, I will be leaving them. The bishop wanted to ask President to have me stay another transfer, but we will just have to see where the Lord sends me to die. (it’s mission slang, “to die” means to end a mission)

Today for P-day we did a cool scavenger hunt all over Tecun. They didn’t tell us to bring P-day clothing so I was running around crazy in a skirt and flats! My feet hurt, man. The good thing is our group won! One of the things we had to do was take a 10-second video of us dancing the “Chikungunya” in front of a church. It’s not to disrespect or anything, but it was hilarious! I wish I had the video to show y’all. After that I played a good round of ping-pong and then we went to eat Chicken Milanesa in the park! Good P-day. That’s what happens in TECUN.

RIMG0724 RIMG0727 RIMG0735RIMG0731

In terms of our investigators, there are only a couple that are progressing because many have difficult situations that we can’t resolve as missionaries. There’s a 10-year-old kid named Christian who is super cool and really wants to get baptized. Every time we drop by on Sunday to go to church, he is all ready with his white shirt and slacks. The only problem is his mom, who says he’s too young to make big decisions like baptism. We’re going to keep working with he and his family.

A couple weeks ago I finished reading the Book of Mormon (in Spanish) in depth. I had read it previously for an activity we did as missionaries, but it wasn’t the same as taking it verse-by-verse, learning from every concept mentioned. It really is a powerful book with many eternal truths and can provide divine guidance. When I read it, I feel like gold-mining through unexplored caves and areas that are filled with precious jewels. As I come upon a new chapter, I enter a new cave, with great anticipation that I’ll “take home a good haul” and find new principles/concepts that I can apply to myself and to my investigators. The Book of Mormon is a rich source of truth that is available to all, replenishes us and is never depleted of its eternal value.

It’s my personal testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and can change lives. One must read, ponder, and pray about it to receive the same special witness. Read a little bit every day and you’ll find more blessings in your lives and more time to do everything else!

Still swimming,

Hermana Page

Hna. Granados and I after a district meeting.  She's great!

Hna. Granados and I after a district meeting. She’s great!

Pic – Hna Granados and I after a district meeting. She’s great!


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