Meet the Mormons – January 12, 2015

Meet the Mormons

Today I read some emails of missionaries that are just about to go home, namely my best friend JESSICA SMITH (shoutout). It’s so weird how just 18 months ago we were sitting in her backyard talking about going on missions. I remember asking her after feeling like I should go on a mission, “Do you think it’s a sin to not follow an impression from the Spirit?” I forgot exactly what she said in response but it was something like “It’s better to follow the impressions of the Holy Ghost, and you won’t regret it.” Something like that. The point is, I’m really grateful that she helped inspire me to make the decision to go. Weird to think in three months I’ll be where she’s at!

I had some trials this week that have helped me to see the bigger picture. I’ve been glad to have helped my comp in her trials to help her become a better person, and in doing that, I’ve been molded into a better person as well! Service helps everyone.

I don’t really have anything new to report because nothing noteworthy happened. However today we had the privilege of seeing “Meet the Mormons” which is an awesome missionary tool and is spreading across the globe! Soon it will be available in Guatemala theaters (not that there are many theaters here). I invite all of you to check it out! It’s interesting, funny, informative, and inspiring.

Talk to y’all next week!
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