Christmas Presences – December 29, 2014

What a strangely incredible week!

First off, Christmas was ´aight. We spent the Eve passing out Él es la Dádiva cards in the park and other busy places. The member family we live with had a little get together with friends and family, and of course we were invited. After eating tamales and ponche (hot nasty, fruit drink) they brought out the piñatas and at 12am sharp the fireworks began! I was absolutely exhausted but no one can sleep here on Christmas Eve so we watched a couple fireworks then hit the sack.

The next morning I woke up with CHINCUGUNYA, but I made it through the wonderful skype session with my family before I died on the bed.
Don’t worry, I was only 3 days in bed, but they tell me I’ll forever remain with joint pain and swollen feet… FOREVER… (MOM NOTE: In my research I found that the joint pain can last for several months.  Very rare for a lifetime of joint pain, but please pray for her!!  Also, we had NO IDEA she was sick when we Skyped on Christmas morning. I did notice she was scratching her arms occasionally but other than that she hid it well!)

On a good note the greatest Christmas miracle in my life happened on Christmas Eve. As we were passing out the cards in the park, we received a call from Lilian and Genaro (I talked about them a couple months ago, shes Evangelial he’s Catholic) saying they had something for us at 6pm. So we hurried over to their house at 6 because we thought they were going to feed us… as we arrived Genaro pulled up on his motorcyle, and we entered the house with him. We all sat down and then Genaro began to speak. “Well…. we called you over because I was thinking and reading the Book of Mormon today, and I felt something I couldn’t describe that has motivated me to want to be baptized. We want to get baptized this Saturday at 7pm” I could barely control my freakishly huge smile, the happiness almost exploded from my face. “Wow,” I said, “I dont know what do say except how incredibly happy we are for you two…”
And THAT’S why I wasn’t too mad when I got the chincugunya, I thought to myself, “God, I will gladly have this disease if they can get baptized” I’m not trying to imply I was some kind of martyr but the MIRACLE God gave us made me able to suffer the trial well. I’ll send pictures next week.

That is the power of the Holy Ghost! Genaro had the hardest Catholic heart I had ever seen. He had denied the Book of Mormon and the reality of Joseph Smith being a prophet. Now, he is a baptized member of the only true Church, along with his wife Lilian. I love this family and like all missionaries, my greatest desire is to see them sealed in the temple.

Hermana Page

Skype session on Christmas morning!  It was so fun.

Skype session on Christmas morning! It was so fun.

Tecun Uman Zone

Tecun Uman Zone


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