Merry Christmas – December 22, 2014

Here in Guatemala I’ll be celebrating Christmas on Wednesday, since they have it all mixed up here.  Ha, kidding.

The Lord is blessing us for our months of finding and dropping people. We are seeing progress, finally!  I did divisions on Friday, and when I reunited with my companion she excitedly told me “Emilio is getting baptized on the 27th!!”

Emilio is a 36 year-old guy we contacted who is actually from the captial but is living with his mom and sister, who are members!  From the very first time we contacted him, he told us he wanted to change his life and be cleansed from his sins.  A week later he went to church with us, but still didn’t accept baptism.  Friday morning before we did divisions, I suggested that our zone leader do a pre-interview to see what was up.  I suppose it went well because now he’s all on board for baptism!  I see a notable change in his way of being and I know its because he more fully understands the power of the Atonement.  He may have made some pretty bad mistakes but baptism cleans that right up with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  Its the best Christmas present he or we could have!

It was cool being able to do divisions with Hna Granados (who has the same amount of time in the mission as my daughter).  We did a spontaneous service activity which included climbing up a sketchy wooden ladder to scrape old paint off the roof.  It was pretty dangerous, and the lady had to lend us pants so we didnt show the world everything… good times!

Welp, tengan todos una feliz navidad, y recuerden dar servicio a los demás! Hay otros que necesitan nuestra ayuda. (Have a Merry Christmas and remember to give service to others. . There are others that need our help.)

Hermana Page

Hna. Granados & I  scraping paintIMG_0826


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