Xetulul Christmas – December 8, 2014

I feel like Christmas has come and passed already; our Christmas luncheon was on Thursday in a theme park, I already received my Christmas package, and I’m bored of my Christmas music.  I don’t mean to be a downer, its just weird experiencing Christmas in the mission – especially the second Christmas.  But I’m still excited for the best part .. SKYPE.


Christmas came Early! (Love her excitement!)





Christmas Luncheon

On Thursday we went to Xetulul again, which was cool but I always get sick!  So after a couple rides I was walking around lightheaded like usual. My comp vomited on the first ride so that was pretty funny.  She’s a champ though – after walking out of the bathroom pale-faced she said, “Let’s keep going!”


All Smiles. . . until after the ride.


Today we made lasagna!  It wasn’t American quality, but it was really good.

This Wednesday are changes, so we will see what happens!  I hope to have changes and they are likely… but you all will find out NEXT WEEK.

Hermana Page


Andrea found a new love. . . Wall-rock Climbing







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