Cake Face – November 17, 2014

Gotta love birthdays in the mission… not gonna lie, it was harder than the one I had in the CCM; however for the circumstances it was pretty good. It was stake conference so we boarded a sketchy bus and headed off to Malacatan! One of our investigators named Angel (he’s a guy) went and was announcing his baptism on the 29th to everyone! He is a pretty pilas guy who really wants to become a member of the church and has an astounding knowledge of the Bible. He is already in love with the Book of Mormon and is doing great! His only struggle is prayer – the embarrassment consumes him and he wont pray out loud with us! Little by little he will learn to do it. I trust in the Spirit to guide him and encourage him.

We had a mini-party last night with our district and the family we live with. The tradition here is that after you blow out the candle, you have to bite the cake BEFORE someone smashes your face in it. The time came and I blew out the candle, and I could see that Hermana Parker was getting closer, so I lunged at the cake like a lizard and got my bite. Fooled them all! It was good, but it’s nothing like being with the fam.. (baggy) Okay so yeah we ate cake, had a good time, and all that shnauzz. Good birthday. Now I’m 21, and all the elders try to make us sisters feel old! Immaturity…

It's my birthday!!

It’s my birthday!!

Even though we have had difficulties with our investigators, the Lord is blessing us with more positive families that actually want to learn and are looking for the truth! Now the hard part is just finding time to teach them all – considering the trips we’ve had to take to Reu, area attacks, and conferences. I just want time to teach!! I want to help facilitate as many spiritual experiences as I can in the short time I have left! I’m not sure how much I’ve actually changed, but I figure the more, the better.

Loving life, and living it up!

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