Trials of Faith – November 10, 2014

Today was a great Pday. We went to that canopy place and did the zip lines again! I love being with other missionaries and we always have a blast. I’ll attach a couple pictures…

Getting ready to zip line.

Getting ready to zip line.

Rosi and Josué weren’t baptized this week because of the discouragement caused by their sick son. God always provides us opportunities to strengthen our faith through trials. In the mission, I’ve seen that every investigator must go through a trial of faith immediately before or directly after being baptized. It’s heartbreaking when they fall to temptation or get discouraged, after helping them and fighting for them. However people have their agency, and I can’t force them to have faith. It has to be something that they personally learn and want for themselves.

I’ve had an awakening this week. Sometimes I’ve battled with the thought that I’m living beneath my potential. It would usually disorient and discourage me because I wouldn’t know where to start to achieve my potential. That’s self-defeating, my dad said. All I can do is my best, and that’s what the Lord requires of me. My perspective is changing for the better and I’m working with all I’ve got!

Hermana Page

Here's another one.

Here’s another one.


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