CHIKUNGUNYA – November 3, 2014

Once upon a time in Guatemala, a horrible plague scorched the land. Bloodthirsty mosquitos carried this feverish disease throughout the people, making no exception of persons. One by one they fell victim to it, with allergic rash and unbearable bodily pain. And it was called… CHIKUNGUNYA.

But really. I think about 80% of the population here has gotten sick from it. The funny part is that no one knows how to pronounce it. They’re all like, “Yeah I got sick from that one sickness that’s going around.. the chiconchunga. The chongchongkuya.” Then we all laugh because no one has any idea how to say it or what it is. I think I got it too, but a little bit less severely. No big deal. I just had body pain and right now I have a weird rash on my arms. TMI? Sorry bout it.

Halloween was uneventful, because the people here don’t celebrate it. And if they DO celebrate Halloween, they practice witchery. So basically only the weird crazy evangelicals can celebrate… what a bummer! I just wanted candy.
They do, however, celebrate the 1st of November – which is the Day of the Dead. They fill the cemetery and drink, and put flowers on graves, and get drunk, and be with family, and get drunk. Basically its a big beer fest! Pretty crazy.

This coming weekend we have a couple that’s going to get baptized! They have a lot of faith and really to want to follow Jesus Christ. Their son had a seizure about a couple days ago, so they have to take him to get exams, which is costly. We are praying that everything will be alright. Their names are Rosi and Josué. Teaching families is the best and most rewarding experience in the mission.

That’s because we know that families can be together eternally. All the efforts we put into building and edifying the family will be for an eternal purpose. If our thoughts, desires and actions aren’t focused on building up a future or current family, it’s probably not worth our precious time. I encourage you all to reassess your priorities and pursue the blessings that come with having an eternal family.

I love what I do, and I love all of you!

Hermana Page

PS – COMING SOON – My Birthday. Nov. 16th


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