One Year Later . . .

That’s right kids, Hermana Andrea Page has been out in the mission field for a year! 12 months ago I was chilling in the CCM just IMAGINING what it would be like to have a year in the mission, being accustomed to missionary life.

Now I’m here and I don’t know how to feel. Many people have asked me, “Hey! You completed a year now! How do you feel??” I never know how to respond because it really is a bitter-sweet feeling. A contradicting perspective. I see my time in the mission as the fastest, slowest year of my life! I’ve come to realize that it really doesn’t matter how someone views time, rather one should be focused on the experiences gained from increased time. I’ve had so many different experiences and feelings on my mission that have definitely changed who I am and how I deal with people. But it’s all for the better! Thanks to the mission, I can honestly say I am a better person!

So anyways, this week was a little rough because we had some fechas fall, including a super positive family we are teaching couldn’t come to church so they’re baptism is going to be postponed until November. A lot of the trials I’m experiencing are teaching me to be patient with the Lords timing. If it doesn’t work out after everything we can do, then it wasn’t right in the moment. I know the Lord is trying my patience, but I just want the trial to be OVER ALREADY. (Patience required here).

My comp got sick from a dengue-like fever that is really going around here. A lot of people in our street are in bed sick, others are in the hospital. Freaking mosquitos! Gotta start wearing more repellent… But yeah keep those prayers coming.

Keep praying and stuff,
Hermana Page



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