I LOVE TENNIS! – October 14, 2014

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to send because I don’t have my camera today. Yesterday we went to the mission home in Reu to play TENNIS and watch a movie, so there was literally NO time to write home. That’s why we are taking our hour today! I LOVED being able to get out on the court and get some good backhand and forehand swings in there. Who knew my serve would be so AWESOME after so much time of not playing? I am in love with the sport.

Last Monday the elders gave us a referral of a guy that attended conference, whose name is Josué. They told us that he was really positive and accepted baptism! So we went to visit him and he told us about his desire to start a new life. He’s 19 years old and wants to stop hanging out with bad friends. He had attended a church previously but stopped going because of rebellion. Now he wants to start over and regain his relationship with God by obeying and doing what’s right. After resolving a couple doubts about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, he’s now ready and prepared to be baptized this Saturday! He is really great and wants to do what’s right!

We are looking forward to many more baptisms and converts this month, and I know the Lord blesses us when we search diligently!

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