Last week the power went out before I had time to send my letter, so I got lots to say!

Some guy tried to kiss me. First he shook my hand, then kissed it, then puckered and tried to lean in and smack one on me. Well that escalated quickly. We walked away laughing. I have too many weird experiences in Guatemala, I can’t even tell 50% of them!

About a week ago we had a baptism that was probably the most special one of my whole mission. Wanna know why?

Roni (15 years old) was a contact, but I didn’t contact him. Hermana Cárcamo was in divisions with Hermana Parker when they found him, and they told me he sounded positive because he had a lot of questions about the TRUE church and about what happens after death. We met with him again and he was really eager to learn, but not so eager to accept baptism. He told us about his dark past of cutting and being alone, and how his friends had wanted him to be that way. It kind of explains his embarrassment to pray in front of us, because for a long time he felt that God wasn’t listening to him. He understood the importance of being baptized and wanted to do it, but he was frightened to fail God after being cleansed of his sins. From that moment, I looked at him and saw his great potential. I committed myself to having patience with his progress, and helping him along the way to becoming a future missionary. When he decided to be baptized, I was so freaking happy and then he also mentioned that he wanted to go on a mission!! His prayers, attitude, and whole being have changed. It can plainly be seen that he feels a lot more comfortable in the Church, and how God is playing an active role in his life now. Roni’s baptismal service was wonderful, and i know he will never forget that change he has had in his life.

Roni's baptism, crazy hair!

Roni’s baptism, crazy hair!

General Conference was incredible, especially hearing it as a missionary and having a bunch of investigators there listening and KNOWING that they are gonna have a ton of questions! In the week before the conference, we had the goal as a district to bring 65 investigators. We didn’t only reach it, we SURPASSED it! We contributed with 13 and they were mainly referrals from members, which is the best way to find new people to teach. A family that we are teaching came! Their names are Lilian and Genaro; she is Evangelical and he is Catholic. They don’t agree on different religious points, so that’s why they don’t go to one definitive church. They called us about 2:30pm Sunday afternoon asking us if they could still come. “Of course! We will be waiting for you at the door!” It was a miracle that they came because we had been praying for their 2-year-old kid not to cry in church (which was their excuse for not coming on Sunday). When they drove up on their moto, the kid was fast asleep and stayed that way for the whole session. Even though this young couple, have a ton of doubts and questions, they enjoyed the session and are eager for our Wednesday appointment.

Training isn’t easy, but I’m learning a lot and exercising a ton of patience!

I love this work!

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