Mama! – Sept. 22, 2014

Well, I’m officially a mother! You can congratulate me with a letter or a package if ya want.

I’ve named my daughter Hermana Gaitan, and she’s from Nicaragua! She is 22 years old and was secretly baptized when she was14 years old, and later her family got baptized as well. It’s a pretty cool story. She has a ton of ánimo (excitement) to work and really appreciates exact obedience. Although she’s a little quiet, she’s very eager to learn and become the best she can be. Right now we are just working on the doctrine and teaching the lessons correctly. I think it’s a little more difficult for some people when they only allowed 2 weeks are in the MTC or when there isn’t a lot of pre-mission “training”. But I’m trying to teach her alot and we are doing well!

We have already had a lot of really cool experiences being led to the right people in the right moment. I love it! The Lord is trying my patience, but it’s going well and I’m learning alot.

I’ll write more next week, see ya!

Hermana Page


Chilling in a hammock at Edmundo’s house.


My daughter Hna. Gaitan!  She doesn't like pictures....

My daughter Hna. Gaitan! She doesn’t like pictures….


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