Independence! Sept. 15, 2014

Happy Guatemalan Independence! Not that anyone in America cares…

Just kidding, it’s great. There are a ton of parades and we had a cool ward “civic moment” where they sang the national song and performed the flag ceremony. I didn’t put my hand on my heart as I would for the Star Spangled Banner though… too patriotic? too prideful? Probably. MERICA. (there are always a ton of people wearing USA patriotic shirts here from hand-me-down-the-continent Goodwill, it’s sweeet).

This week was incredible with the amount of lessons we had with members and new people we found. For instance, we were in the house of one of our investigators when two hermanas entered. We talked with them and one seemed more positive, so we focused on her and she said that she had been taught by missionaries before. She told us her name was Suseli, and that she wanted to get married to her husband and be baptized! We had hardly even challenged her and she said that’s what she wanted. It’s pretty hard to find them both at home because the boyfriend works a lot, but I think once we find and teach them both we will have a positive family!

Also, the Restoration lesson is really powerful. I always knew that, but this week testified to the fact. We taught an hermana named Mildred and her daughter Eva, who had recently joined a different church but weren’t being visited by their members or receiving any kind of fellowshipping there. After explaining the importance of having prophets and apostles heading the Church, she kept looking around astonishedly (word?) saying, “Well now I’m confused! What’s the truth?” (What a great question!!) She said she believed the Church was true and promised to come to church. Unfortunately she wasn’t there when we went to go pick her up, but we are going to keep trying because she accepted baptism!

On Friday we all went to Xetalul, which is the “coolest theme park in Central America”, or so they say. I wouldn’t know any different, but it was definitely a good de-stresser. I got kinda dizzy after the first ride and walked around the park a little pale, but it was still fun! I hope we will be able to go again in December for Christmas.



Other news, I’m going to TRAIN. ¡Mi primera hija! (My first daughter!) I’m kinda nervous but I think I’ll be alright. I’ll meet her on Wednesday – and there is a 90% chance she will be a Latina since there is only 1 gringa out of 11 hermanas entering the mission. SWEET!

Distrito Ayutla!

Distrito Ayutla!

What do I do,
Hermana Page


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