Do Work – Sept. 1, 2014

I don’t know how I used to write so much before. I look at my past entries on my blog and think, Geez ….how did I have so much time to write that? I guess ideas flowed more easily back then. Now, when I sit down at the computer I stare blankly at the “New Message” and try to get my fingers to type something. The inspiration to write something in particular comes from a special experience or feeling that touches you. Those types of experiences are part of my daily routine, and they come so rapidly and randomly that I can’t seem to grasp them to remember forever. If anyone has any ideas of how to enjoy every moment more and remember great experiences, share please.

Berenice was an “eternal investigator” for about 5 months. She didn’t want to be baptized because she said she wanted to learn more and more and more… Plus she was receiving injections for her obesity, which caused extreme laziness and unresponsiveness. I guess they had some pretty weird lessons for a while… however we visited her recently and she was unusually responsive. We challenged her to be baptized and she said “Maybe in a month or something.” I asked her, “Why do you want to be baptized, or why do you think it’s important?” She said she wanted salvation, and to be cleansed from sin. “Hermana Berenice, when do you want your salvation and remission of sins?” She kinda laughed and looked up, and said ….”Saturday”. She experienced a total change and I can really see that she wants the best for her life. Her baptismal service was great, and she loves the Church.

Berenice's Baptism

Berenice’s Baptism

I shared with a friend some of the difficulties that I am currently having in enjoying and relishing every moment in the mission. I came here to WORK and give it all I’ve got, right? But Satan is subtle and works hard on the ‘hard-working’. My friend shared an insight that inspired me:

“I like to think that I worked hard on my mission, to the point that I couldn’t go anymore. I never really cared about the numbers, although I did strive to attain them. I like to think of the blessings I’ve received since my baptism, and though I have been incredibly ungrateful before, and stupid in many of my decisions, I’ve realized how incredible my life is thanks to the church… and to think that I can share that with so many people!   So, think of that and it will be your motivation to ‘go’ until YOU drop. Then by the end of your mission you won’t end with regrets. When I ended I was bawling like a little girl on the plane, but not because of regret or anything like that, but because I knew I wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to do it as a missionary again.  Think about how many miracles you can do in the time you have left and make a personal promise to yourself to blow that up with the best you can.”

I don’t want to go home with any regrets, and there are so many people in the world that need the gospel truth!

But seriously, hay que aprovechar cada momento (you to have make the best of every moment)! Share the gospel with everyone! Don’t be afraid to open your mouth, because there are a lot of people in your lives that need you. They need Him! Help them find lifelong happiness!


Hermana Page

Playing marbles with the local children.

Playing marbles with the local children.





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