Iguana tastes like Chicken – August 18, 2014

A week of miracles and disappointments.

The miracles included the 4 people that were able to be baptized this week.  During our visits with them entre la semana (during the week), they weren’t really sure if Saturday was their day… however, I can testify of the persuading power of the Plan of Salvation.  One of them named Marlen was thrilled by the idea of being with her daughter forever, but wasn’t sure about being baptized.  After teaching her that the ONLY way she could be with her family forever was through the waters of baptism, she asked us when the next baptismal service was. “What do I have to bring?”  “Just underwear and a towel!”

Another 18-year old named Daniel knew baptism was important, but kept telling us he was looking for his answer from God. We read 2 Nephi 31 and he finally said he would make it work on Saturday, even though it was a busy day for him.
Edmundo was an investigator of the hermanas before me, who had also always said “maybe later” to baptism.  He LOVES the hymns of the Church and always read the Book of Mormon. We had a pre-interview with our district leader and I suppose it went really well because he came out deciding to be baptized on Saturday!


Edmundo at his Baptism


Tania Corazon

Funny/cool story – About a week ago as Edmundo was in his pre-interview, a 17 year old girl rode up on her bike.  Hna. Carcamo went to see what she wanted and contacted her, so she set up an appointment.  We went to her house, and challenged her to be baptized and she said yes! Turns out her family is less-active and she had previous church attendance but never got baptized.  She was baptized in the service held on Saturday as well.

It can plainly be seen that the Lord worked miracles in our area this week, and He has a plan for everything that happens – even if disappointing things occur.  For unfortunate circumstances, Marlen and Tania weren’t able to get confirmed members of the Church this week.  We will be anxiously waiting until next week so they can have their complete baptism.

When we arrived at a members house to eat lunch, my district leader turned to us and said “We are going to eat iguana.” I thought it was a joke until they presented us the plates filled with distinct arms and tails bathed in a thick sauce and rice. Luckily the members had already eaten so they weren’t present to witness my disgust in removing the scaly skin away from the small pieces of muscle. To be honest, it just tasted like sweet chicken – the hardest part was SEEING that it was an iguana… I should be more grateful, its expensive here!

Also, I helped name a baby.  The mom said she didn’t want a common name, so I talked up the name Brittany (not sure why) saying that an American name is the least common thing there. She liked it and now she’s called Brittany! Cool beans.

Onward and upward,
Hermana Page


Hermana Carcamo and I going to a multi-zone conference.


Birthday Picnic


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