Mountain of the Lord – August 11, 2014

Sorry for not writing last week; I had some difficult circumstances that affected my ability to write, but I’m good now!


I left Pajapita, which I was really sad about because there are a lot of progressing investigators and wonderful members.  One of our investigators named Abraham was super hard and didn’t think he needed another baptism after his Evangelical one.  But I found out from Hermana Rodas that he accepted the invitation and is gonna get baptized this Saturday!  He was really sad I left and apparantly started bawling… And he’s like 56.  

Before I left Pajapita, we were able to have two baptisms of Berly (12) and Concepcion (14) who are super pilas and the best part was that their super Catholic parents came, and now they’re accepting missionary visits!  The day after that we had a Branch Cultural night, and every organization represented a different country in a dance or presentation.  The missionaries were in charge of Africa, so we danced the Waka Waka, which turned out really cool, with Elder Lockie (ZL) doing a backflip.  Pic attached… 


For a cultural dance in Pajapita, we represented Africa and danced the WAKA WAKA.


News – I’m in TECUN UMAN, or more commonly known as The Hottest Place on Earth.  Honestly there’s not a huge climate difference between here and Pajapita, but regardless everyone complains about it.  I LOVE the ward in which I’m serving – the bishop works hard with the missionaries, the members are loving, and there are activities every Friday.  It’s a blast, and we are going to see a lot of success here in “Ayutla”.  My comp is Hna. Cárcamo from Honduras, and she has 5 months in the mission – funny fact, she’s the daughter of Hna Rodas!  We get along well and work hard!  Speaking of, one of their converts named Edmundo is getting baptized this Saturday! The work of salvation presses on. 


Hna Cárcamo and I in Malacatan on the way to see some waterfalls




Last Tuesday was incredible! We achieved the zone goal so we were able to go to the temple in Shela.  I’ll have to send pictures next week because of some technical difficulties and dumb Guatemalan viruses.  However it was an incredible experience to remember the wonderful blessings promised and the special spirit felt.  I hope to be able to go again in January – because our mission president gives us very limited opportunities to go. 


I’ve talked with a lot of newbies in the mission since I’ve “gained more experience”, and they always ask me how long it took me to get accostumed to everything.  I don’t usually tell them a specific number of months because its hard to judge.  However, I’ve come to realize that my comfortability  (is that a word?) in the mission has come more and more as I’ve learned to just LOVE the people.  It didn’t come quickly at first, and maybe that’s why it took me a while to get comfortable with Spanish and with missionary work.  I wish I would’ve loved the people sooner – but I can only improve from here! Love determines success in the mission, that’s for sure!


Loving it up,

Hermana Page


Riding to the beach in the back of a pickup!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.39.24 PM

Tecun Uman . . right on the Border of Mexico. . just across the River.





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