Jungle Diving – July 28, 2014

Today we went jungle diving. 


I’ve never felt so adventurous in my life… The zone leaders told us we would be walking casually in a little forest, but when we took a detour into the no-trail, tall brush of the jungle, I knew it wouldn’t just be casual. For those of you who have seen Hot Rod, we basically fell down the mountain like Rod did after punch-dancing out his rage. There was a lot of butt-sliding, vine-grabbing, river-walking, and tree-breaking – but it was AWESOME! At the end of the huge descent, we got to see a super sick waterfall! Pic attached.


Hiked to see this!


Our investigator Luis (15 years old) had been having trouble in school and home, which was causing a lot of disciplinary issues in his classes. His dad had recently died in the United States, so he and his two siblings Selena and Gustavo live with their grandma. Although he was super timid at first, he almost immediately accepted to be baptized. AS we were teaching him, the problems in school didn’t stop. We sat him down and talked to him about change, which he told us he was now willing to accept. Then we challenged Gustavo (10 years old) to be baptized and he also accepted, and told us he wanted to learn more about the scriptures. When they arrived at the church Saturday morning, their happiness was clearly notable. They had their arms around each other like loving brothers.


Luis & Gustavo Baptism! (I know I’m gettin’ chubby)


We got a referral from the Gerardi (school where they passed out copies of the Book of Mormon) named Gabriela Santos. She told us about the difficulties of her home life and after we talked a little about God and Jesus Christ, she said she didn’t know who Christ was. Those are some of my favorite moments, because I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce someone to their Savior. As she was listening, we could see that she was getting glassy-eyed. We asked her how she felt. After about a minute’s pause, she said “I wish I could feel this way all the time.” It really was a sweet spirit that accompanied that moment. The Spirit really does testify to us in the ways we can understand.


There’s a primary hymn that goes “If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?” I’m not sure what its called, but I hummed the first line, and as a joke, Hermana Rogers finished, “…Would I do the things I don’t do?” It was funny and all, but it made me ponder about the things I’m NOT doing or obeying. Why should it be any different if the Savior was here in person or not – He is ever aware of our doings and only wants the best for us. There’s more to the gospel than just NOT DOING bad things, but DOING and OBEYING what God asks us to do so we can be happy. 


Wake up! And do something more.


Hermana Page


What we walked through. . PURE JUNGLE!


Eating at a member’s house. WAKA WAKA





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