Stolen Cesped (lawn) – July 14, 2014


Their “winter” isn’t winter at all! On the contrary, I’m sweating more than I ever have before in my life. Sometimes I’ll be eating “caldo” (brothy soup with vegetables) and the sweat just pours off my nose into the soup… I don’t notice the difference of course, so its “aight!”

The other day we were helping a less-active hermana plant a garden.  After removing the big ‘ole pile of dirt from the spot where she wanted it, she grabbed a machete and went two houses over where they had a nice patch of grass.  Then she bent down and started whacking at it, putting it into a old christmas lights box.  She said that she had asked permission, but who knows.  We started planting little plots of stolen grass in her tiny box of dirt.  I asked her “Hermana, will this even grow here?” “Of course, Hermana Page.  Just a little water here…” It was pretty hilarious.  I’ll attach a pic.



The Grass Thieves!

Today we went to a “Canopy” to do some ziplining and log-balancing.  It was all kinda sketchy, but we got to talk to a guy from San Francisco and tell him to go to church.  IN ENGLISH.  Missionary work in English is so weird and awkward sometimes!

The past Saturday, Demi’s mom Karla and brother Wilson got baptized.  Karla is incredible – we have seen so much desire to change within her (does that make sense?).  In the very first lesson she felt touched by the Spirit so strong that it brought her to tears, and there she accepted a date for baptism.  From then on she always listened very attentively, and always expressed to us her goal that everyone in her family would be a member of the Church.  On the day of her baptism, Demi was crying from happiness and Karla couldn’t stop smiling.  Even though it wasn’t necessary, she had brought dry white clothes to wear AFTER her baptism.  They are a really special family and I know they’ll be strong in the gospel.

Send me things.

Hermana Page


Karla & Wilson’s Baptism


Piñata celebrating Hna Rodas 1 yr in mission


Hna Rodas, Hna Lopez, Me, Hna Rogers




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