Slytherin through Changes – June 30, 2014

Welp, CHANGES happened. Or as you call them in the States – TRANSFERS. I’m still in Pajapita, but Hna Nuñez was sent to my old zone in Las Palmas with my old companion Hna Keltner! Its a small world/mission!

My new companion is Hna Rodas. At first I thought she was super serious, but then she told me she loved to joke, and we relaxed and just started having a good time. She’s great! And like more than HALF the missionaries in the mission – she’s from Honduras. It’s kinda funny because most people from there drop the “s” when they speak. So when we were talking with a Catholic investigator about how Jesus told the disciples to be “pescadores de hombres” (fishers of men), she dropped the “s” in pescadores and said “pecadores de hombres” (sinners of men). I definitely chuckled upon seeing the confusion on the investigators face.

Also, SNAKES! As we were returning from an Area Attack (all the missionaries in a zone contacting in one area) and all of the sudden a group of Guatemalan women start screaming at us to WATCH OUT, and we look a little further ahead and there is a 5-6 foot dark grey snake slytherin (ha) toward us. We kinda jolt back as a young guy with a machete cautiously steps forward and starts whacking at it while the dang creature is jumping up trying to get a little nibble of his hand. Then a bigger guy, with a huge bamboo stick and a furious expression, literally started pounding the guts out of it. I’m pretty sure he whacked it at least 30 times. It was still moving afterward… Pretty gross but its a story worth telling!

This week we had had 2 young women who were planning on being baptized, but only one was because Juana (the other) decided to go to Coatepeque and not come back. However, the miracle was DEMI. She was a referral of a super pilas (cool) 14-year old who is ALWAYS giving us referrals. Demi at first thought she wouldn’t be able to get the permission of her Evangelical mother… but we met with her mom and she wants to get baptized too! Miracles, tho! Demi is really special to me and she said she felt really good after her baptism.

Also we are MOVING houses because after receiving two new hermanas in the house, we all got SICK with TERRIBLE diaherrea – like having to go every 10 minutes… its bad. Probably because of the rats and dirty water.

Hasta luego,
Hermana Page


This pretty much describes our relationship. . . Hermanas Rogers and Page



Demi at her Baptism


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