Weddings: No Beer Please! – June 23, 2014

Another week, another Pday. Here I am in Guatemala, at some sketchy internet café listening to a bunch of chickens, while all of you are reading this on your iPhones and other fancy devices in the comfort of your cozy home. It’s all good! 😉

This week was great! We have been working for a while with Yolanda, who was living with a less-active member named Pablo. Obviously they weren’t married, but she knew that it was the right thing to do and decided to do it! The problem was that Pablo had a drinking problem, and had stopped for 2 months since their baby arrived. Everything was looking great for their wedding/her baptism until the Sunday before… That morning they had decided not to go to Church because their baby was sick and it was drizzling outside. We went back on Monday and Yolanda explained that Pablo had gotten drunk the night before (Sunday night). He arrived a little bit later in that lesson, and we talked about true repentance. After he described his regret and sharing a scripture in Moroni about the Spirit that entices us to do good, we could see he really wanted to change. She was careful about the decision but ultimatley decided to forgive him and HELP him… which is what he needed – her help and support.

We spent Thursday and Friday getting things ready for the wedding. I never knew how STRESSFUL planning a little wedding would be! Sheeeesh. Decorations, wedding clothes, balloons, inviting members, lawyer, paperwork… then after that the baptism! Baptismal clothes, agenda, registros, getting members to stay, bringing investigators to the baptism, snack afterward. Even though it was really stressful, it was totally worth it. They were so happy and grateful for the effort we put in to bring all of it together. FAMILIES!!

Unfortunately my compita Hna Nuñez was struck with Dengue fever… and although the Lord allowed her to work for the wedding (miracles, dawg), she crashed afterward with a ton of body pain and nausea. It’s a terrible sickness that comes and goes in different time periods. Sadly it lasts for a while too… pray for her please!

Changes are this Wednesday! We are all pretty sure that my comp is leaving with Hna Escoto, but we will see! I will probably have a new companion by the time I write next!

Until next Monday,
Hermana Andrea Page

Pablo y Yolanda MARRIED!

Pablo y Yolanda MARRIED!



Hna Nunez and I on a crazy Guatemalan bus.

Hna Nunez and I on a crazy Guatemalan bus.



Pablo y Yolanda...y su bebe Pablito el chulo.

Pablo y Yolanda…y su bebe Pablito el chulo.


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