Forget yo self!!

Great news! Eduardo’s dad finally gave him permission to get baptized! We went to his house Friday morning with our telephone, praying that he could call him right then and get the permission. After a group prayer he called and no answer. On the 3rd attempt he answered and after some casual talk, asked if he could be baptized, saying he had thought and prayed about it a lot and knew it was the right decision. His dad said yes! We then set a time where his dad could come from Malacatan to the service. The only time that worked was Sunday morning, which is as hectic as a morning can be. However we set everything up and although we were literally running from house to house getting baptismal clothes and setting up chairs 10 minutes after it was supposed to start (Guatemala…) he was baptized and confirmed yesterday! He is such a bright young kid with great desires to serve the Lord. He has already expressed desires to serve a mission! ¡Calidad!

Yesterday we had 7 investigators in church, which is a ton especially considering each one came BY THEMSELVES. We were busy preparing for Eduardo’s baptism so we didn’t have time to bring anyone. Its every missionaries dream to have a member come up to you with a friend saying, “Here’s my friend… she wants to get baptized.” We had two of those yesterday. They are both young women, named Juana and Demi. They’re great! Also we are working with a partial family named Pablo y Yolanda who have a wedding and baptism planned for the 21st of June! ¡Calidad!

This week I have been battling with my pride – mainly in my relationships. Its not always easy being the one that is always apologizing – even for things I may not have done – but if I’ve learned anything about humility, its that I have to forget about myself or how I’m feeling for the benefit of the relationship. The Lord called me here to work in unity and love, not bitterness and negligence. I know as I continue to “forget myself and go to work”, the Lord will bless me with the patience and endurance I need to have success and feel like I’m aprovechando the mission.

Forget yo self, then TREAT YO SELF

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Eduardo's baptism!!

Eduardo’s baptism!!

Huge Mangos = Mangotes!!

Huge Mangos = Mangotes!!




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