“Going Bananas!” – June 2, 2014

This week has honestly been wonderful. I love my companion, my area, and my investigators. We are teaching 3 families who are pretty positive, and reactivating some less actives! Even though May has been una maldición (a curse) for me in terms of health, June is looking up!

Today we went to a banana farm. It doesn’t sound too exciting, and that’s because it wasn’t. I know now how bananas are picked, washed, and packed! Knowledge that will assuredly be a blessing for eternity. Please note the sarcasm…

Moisés got baptized! There were challenges placed in his path (like it always is before a baptism) of taunting “friends” and nerves, but he overcame it all and arrived triumphantly and humbly to the waters of baptism. He is such a great guy and I know he will serve in the Church with all he’s got. After being confirmed on Sunday, he was the 2nd person up bearing his testimony in Sacrament meeting. I feel honored to be a part of his conversion, he is awesome.

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to “O Come, O Come Emanuel” from the iPod my mom sent me (I know its out of season). It reminded me of the Christmas activities that we would have in my ward back home in Auberry. In those moments of my life, I don’t remember actually enjoying it, but I still have sentimental feelings that accompany the nostalgia of the past. Maybe I didn’t appreciate moments and events like that, and that’s why I feel a longing for it – a memory that is slipping from me, held on only by the heartstrings of my treasured memory. Its a feeling of comfort, of longing, of love. This causes me to ponder on the relationship between the velocity of time and the fleeting yet impactful memories that define my life. I’m here on a mission, feeling the longing for a moment in my childhood. But where will I be in 10 years? Longing for these moments on my mission? Will I yearn for the feelings I’ve felt and the experiences I’ve had, with an amount of regret that I didn’t treasure it sufficiently? Life is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can’t enjoy the ride very well if I keep looking backward. I need to enjoy life right now as it is, because one day I’m gonna look back and miss this.

Even though it has taken me a while to finally say this… I love my mission. I am really enjoying teaching the gospel and getting to know these wonderful people. Thinking about home doesn’t affect me like it has before, because I’m living in the moment. And that doesn’t mean I’m living without thought of the future; it means I’m giving my ALL to the present because I know how much it will bless my future.

God loves y’all
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Moises Baptism – winking due to my eye infection.

Forgot my umbrella

Forgot my umbrella

Hair nets for banana processing.

Hair nets for banana processing.

Going bananas!

Going bananas!

Rainy, cold day at beach!

Rainy, cold day at beach!

Worker Hacking at the trees - Banana Farm

Worker Hacking at the trees – Banana Farm


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