Ninos Tontos – May 19, 2014

Don’t worry everybody, we found the rat! The little nasty tried running from the kitchen into the bathroom, but the door was closed so it started scurrying toward me down the hallway. Of course I screamed and jumped on a chair, as it ran and hid in the other Hermanas room. We looked for it for an hour, but to no avail. It must’ve scurried up the wall and escaped through the holes in the cinderblock. If it can easily come, it can easily go. If there is one, there are many… still looking for a new house.

Kids here in Guatemala are pretty well known for being rather timid (around white people, at least), mild-mannered, and adorable. However we ran into one that was the complete opposite a couple days ago. We were just casually walking when this barefoot kid holding a mango was jumping from puddle to puddle. Upon stepping into each hot little pool of water, he made a weird grunt scream sound. I decided to be funny and mimic him. He looked up at me after making the noise and told me to shut up and started saying bad words. Hermana Nuñez called him a dumb kid and a second later after turning down a different street, we saw the mango fly by our feet. The kid was throwing mangoes at us! My comp asked if I wanted to go back and hit him. If she didn’t laugh afterward I would’ve taken her up on it.

One of our recent converts – Martha – was talking about how her Aventista family was attacking the Church, and they were saying that we didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. Martha is a really strong individual who had confronted many difficulties before her baptism, so she has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Church. Anyway, she told us that she shared with them some scriptures of the Book of Mormon and explained that His NAME is in the title of the Church. She said, “Es por eso se llama La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Cielos…” (That is why it is called The Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Latter Heavens…”) We got a good laugh out of that one. It’s good that she was defending her faith and the Church, even if she was representing it a little bit incorrectly. She’s going to go out to visit with us this week!

This week was the week of the family, so there were activities and workshops every day. It was a really cool opportunity to see the branch gather together in the effort to invite a ton of families to come see the Church! The elders have an investigator named Pablo that comes every Sunday, but won’t be baptized because he doesn’t intellectually understand the relationship between faith and baptism. He has written his own philosophy and doctrine, and is an incredibly intelligent fellow. After the family week, however, he mentioned in Sunday School that he has decided to be baptized because he understands the importance of the family, and sees how the Church emphasizes it. Its amazing how even men absorbed in their own “wisdom” and “philosophies” can have their eyes be opened to the truth, in understanding the FAMILY. Our lives and existence center around the family unit, so of COURSE it is important! I love my family!

Hasta luego,

Hermana Page


Pajapita Zone with Argentine soccer shirts. Our names are on the back.



Pajapita Zone before Elder Bernal went home.


Good ‘ol SOUS (spiders of unusual sizes)


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