Oh, Rats!!

Even though my Mothers Day skype session hinged on a crappy Internet connection, was interrupted by members and missionaries, and gave me a headache – it was all worth it! Now I just have to have patience to wait until Christmas. It’s coming up, right?

 A couple days ago, I was looking for a certain piece of clothing to wash. As I went to the corner of the room where my suitcases are, I rolled one of them toward me and almost screamed upon seeing what I thought was a hornets nest on the ground. I called Hna Nuñez over and I let her look at it closer, and we figured out it was just a potato. Phewf! But wait… why is there a potato underneath my suitcase? I certainly didn’t put that there. Upon further examination, we saw little brown poops around the potato, which we discovered had been 1/4 way eaten. Basically, we have a rat in the house. We don’t know where, but it has basically been pooping in every corner of the house and hiding… who knows where. We are currently searching for a new house, considering we’ve been battling too many ants, cockroaches, geckos, and now rats.

 Today for Pday, I told the zone I would make them chocolate chip cookies, since Im basically the zone cook (I made them french toast before). Unfortunately this awesome idea came a little late and I didn’t have time to get ingredients, so we ran around this morning trying to find brown sugar and vanilla – which we didn’t end up finding. Also I forgot a stick of butter, and had to substitute chocolate chips for off-brand M&Ms… In other words, they were terrible. But the zone seemed to be grateful for them anyway.

 I know everyone has been talking about it, but our mission president has shown us the YouTube video “Because of Him” (http://easter.mormon.org/) like 5 times now… and I think it is brilliant and masterfully created. Besides the exceptional cinematography and modern design, the message it portrays is powerful. Because of Him, the Plan of Happiness is available to every son and daughter of God. How can we possibly be ungrateful or apathetic toward a being that gave us eternal life? Right now is the time to act and show our Savior that we love Him by following His commandments. Just like the mutual theme for this year,


 Con mucho cariño,

Hermana Page


Me using a Rubiks Cube as a hammer.


Hermana Nunez and I.


One thought on “Oh, Rats!!

  1. Mona Ashby says:

    I’m excited to be added to the list of ‘Andrea Followers’! She has energy, enthusiasm and a powerful testimony. And, unfortunately, ants, cockroaches, and rats.

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