Water from Sky, Water in Font – May 5, 2014

Today we went to the beach – for the second time now in my mission – and honestly I just don’t think it’s worth it. . . . . as missionaries that is. We just took a couple pics, played some UNO and then headed to Coatepeque to eat and write.


Rainy season is starting. It’s a good thing I have a heavy-duty rain jacket, because these clouds drop buckets that soak undergarments in seconds! It’s unrelenting, but we are still out there walking of course. Guatemalans complain more about the weather than I do though! With the heat, they’re always saying,

“Wow, what heat! It’s unbearable!

And with the rain,

“Wow, it sure is raining hard! I can’t leave the house until it stops.”

It’s kinda silly, but the good thing is, that everyone lets us enter because they feel bad we are soaking wet.


So last week I didn’t mention the other baptism we had because she didn’t come to her confirmation. It’s kind of a long story, but she came this week and is now a confirmed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! OH yeah, her name is Ines and she is great. This week we are going to focus on teaching her mom, even though they live far away…


A couple weeks ago, my comp found a referral of a guy named Cristian that had received all the lessons but hadn’t come to his baptism. So we looked for him and he studies in the Gerardi (school that received BOMs). We asked for him, then sat down to teach. He wondered how we knew his name, and talked about how the elders had been teaching him last time. He said he didn’t come to his baptism because something happened with his uncle, then the elders stopped visiting him. So we talked about the importance of baptism and as I was halfway through the baptism challenge, “Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptiz – ”

“Yes,” he interrupted.

“This Saturday?” I responded.

“Yes, I would like to be baptized this Saturday.”

So there you have it! Cristian came to his baptism on time, even though the rain made it seem like he wasn’t going to find a bus. It was awesome. After his baptism he bore his testimony about wanting this change in his life and how he wants to serve God.


Then there is Martha, who we have been teaching for a while but she was Aventista – therefore it was difficult for her to accept change. In one lesson with her she talked about her salvation, and pretty much testified to us that one can only receive salvation through the authority of God in the true church. We challenged her for Saturday, and she accepted.

“Just call me to remind me…”

On the way to her baptism, she called us saying that the bus from Coatepeque had stopped and that it was raining really hard! She said,

“I can see how Satan is working against me… He won’t win! I will be there!”

So even though she arrived 20 minutes late, she came! Upon seeing Cristian, she exclaimed, “He is my cousin!” And they were just smiling and laughing. Small world? Anyway Martha is so great and she is going out to visit with us on Thursday!


Now we are working with Eduardo, a 13-year old referral from a recent convert. He is young, but understands things really well and came to church yesterday with the Book of Mormon in hand! The member who brought him to church on his bike said he had to leave, and wondered if Eduardo wanted to stay or leave with him. He was like, “Are you serious, dude?” and then decided to stay. He is a really cool kid.


Lately I have been sick, but it doesn’t really matter what happens because it’s all in the Lords hands! The mission is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s shaping me into the best person I’ll ever be.


Even though it’s Mexican, ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Hermana Page

Ines baptism

Ines baptism


Martha and Christian







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