The Spirit Speaks – April 28, 2014


Our zone leader Elder Bernal (who goes home in 3 weeks) skyped his family last night, so it made me have especially tender feelings toward ALL the people I miss back home. Can’t wait for Mothers Day! 🙂

This past Saturday we had two baptisms, but I’m only gonna talk about one this week – you’ll see later why. Anyway Hna Nuñez, the zone leaders and I were talking about Julio’s family and realized that one of his daughters hadn’t been baptized. We didn’t know why, but we knew that this 18-year old daughter couldn’t hear or talk. After arriving at their home Friday morning with the Elders, we trekked to the river where she and her mom were washing clothes. We told the mom that we wanted to talk to Milca (the 18 year old). So we all sat down on the rocks and Elder Bejar made motions of plugging his nose and pointing at the river, then back at her (trying to ask her if she wanted to be baptized). She covered her mouth, shook her head, and then wouldn’t look at him. Inspired, he took out his gospel art book and showed her the picture of Christ with children. She finally looked at him. Then he flipped to the picture of Him (Christ) on the cross. He pointed upward. She seemed to look more intently. Finally, he showed the picture of Him being baptized, pointing at Him, then the sky, then at her. She hesitated then slowly nodded her head. It was one of the most special (and silent) lessons I’ve ever been in! So we came back the next day and she was baptized in the same river as her dad. Their family is now complete, and in a year, they can be sealed for time and all eternity!

We live as 4 hermanas in total, and Hermana Rogers (who just came in the mission) was pretty darn sick yesterday with a lot of vomit. She’s feeling better, but she could use some prayers! Our water is really dirty and that might be why a lot of sickness is getting passed around.

Pressing forward!
Hermana Page



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