River Baptism – April 21, 2014

Before I came to Pajapita, the hermanas had been working with a family that had all been baptized except the dad. Julio, said he wouldn’t be baptized until he knew more about the Book of Mormon, which he had been reading for weeks and had also been attending church.  He knew he needed to get baptized, he just had to take that step of faith.  So we decided that on Saturday, we would trek to his house with the zone leaders (he lives in Santo Domingo) with baptismal clothes and a registro, and challenge him to be baptized in the river that afternoon.  As we approached his property, we saw him sitting on a rock reading the Book of Mormon.  At that point I thought, “this guy is totally prepared by the Lord, he’s getting baptized for sure”.  As we started talking to him about baptism he expressed the same concerns as before, and said “maybe I’ll get baptized in 20 days or so.”  We got kinda quiet, then I said, “God doesn’t want you to wait,” and shared a scripture in Alma 7 about being baptized TODAY.  After about 5 more minutes of discussion, he finally decided he would be baptized – but wanted to do it the next day (yesterday).  So the elders gave him the interview on Saturday and he got baptized Sunday morning in a river near his home.  It was wonderful.  He was basically running to the river!


A couple weeks ago, we didn’t have water in the house – which was really bad because we were stinky and needed to take showers. One of the hermanas wanted to pray – which I thought was silly (yep, lack of faith).  But we knelt down to pray anyway, and as my companion was praying, halfway through the prayer, we heard water spilling out of the faucet. “Gracias por el agua…” (Thank you for the water…)  Little miracles!


My comp and I were contacting a house with a really cute puppy, and the woman let us in after talking a lot about her little dog. Hermana Nuñez loves dogs, so she tried to pick up the excited little dog, while it was flailing and peeing all over her.  She put it down pretty quickly after that.  It was hilarious.


As “poor” as people are here in Guatemala, they still have a lot of gadgets and TV’s.  Sometimes it’s kinda hard because I remember my iPhone addiction – but I’ve changed a bit.  When I think about how many notifications I will have on Facebook or all the pics I want to post on Instagram, I just feel empty.  Social media just makes me feel empty – just a small happiness that is almost immediately extinguished.  I love feeling like I have purpose here on the mission, and with that sense of purpose brings a true happiness and joy that lasts.  If searching for happiness is the purpose of life, why wouldn’t everyone flock to a joy that lasts forever? It’s like a natural source of energy that’s never depleted! This is life eternal!


Keep being happy – and if you’re not, pray!


Hermana Page


PS – This is me, Julio, Elder Bernal, Hna Nuñez, and Elder Bejar. The river was gorgeous!



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