Callejon of Treasures – April 14, 2014

This week we were contacting in Pajapa (10 minute drive north) and we had just had a pretty unsuccessful lesson. While walking along a bridge, I saw a little pathway and said, “look, its a callejon (street) of treasures. Lets go there.” So we entered and found a house. After yelling “BUENAS”, an 18 year old guy came to the gate and said, “Hey, come on in, I’ve been waiting for you missionaries.” We were confused and thought maybe he meant other missionaries. He said, “You were the missionaries that passed out the copies of the Book of Mormon at the Gerardi (name of school), right?” So we talked about the Book and then his Dad came and sat down. After that, his mom stopped fixing lunch and sat with us too. We taught the whole family “Guzman” and they were receptive. The dad said, “What does one have to do to be a member of your Church?” It was really cool! The difficulty will be getting them to church because he works on Sunday and Guatemalans can just ask for a day off. Its hard, but we are hoping and praying that there will be some kind of progress with them.

My comp and I were talking to some elders who had had 18 baptisms with 3 families in ONE month!!! We asked them how, and they didnt really have an answer, and even mentioned that they were pretty disobedient at the time. We thought, “how could they have so much success if they werent obedient?”

Elder Grant, me and Hermana Webster before changes

Elder Grant, me and Hermana Webster before changes

It bothered me for a while, but then I realized that it didnt matter, because the FIRST law given is OBEDIENCE. As long as we are working hard and being obedient, we will see the fruits. Even if it’s hard at first.


Hermana Andrea Page


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