April 7, 2014 – Hola from Pajapita!

My new area ROCKS, and there sure are a lot of them! For those Google Maps-savvy people, its about 30 minutes away from Coatepeque. Its just as hot – if not hotter – than Retalhuleu; but it doesn’t matter so much because rainy season is about to start in a month or two. Our area is HUGE, and as you can see from the picture below, is also beautiful. We take a 20 minute bus to a part of our area named Santa Domingo, and hike across rivers and forests to get to our investigators. Its legit. I really like it here and the ward is awesome.

My new companion is Hermana Nuñez, and she’s from Peru! She speaks pretty fast spanish, but its good because I’m learning at a faster pace now. First Latina comp, whoo! We get along pretty well, and I’ve figured out that we are actually pretty similar in the stuff we like and way we act. She’s a good, hard worker.

I had an interesting experience with a Muslim this week. We were eating at a members’ house when a couple guys walked in the kitchen. I said “Buenas, ¿cómo estan?” but they just looked at me blankly. The member eating with us said to them in tattered English, “She says, how are you?” It was really weird seeing how my English worked better then my Spanish in contacting someone. I talked to him for a bit and they said they were from Bangladesh and believe in Allah, but commended us for being here and being Christian. It was an interesting experience.

This ward is the best – they have about 20 ward missionaries who range in age from about 14-18, all preparing to go on missions. They have companions, district meetings (with us), and go do visits and find people! It’s an awesome preparation for them and we receive GREAT referrals from their friends. Also, the counselor of the branch president gave out copies of the BOM to a whole school and we are currently working with about 6 young people from it.

Luckily I was able to watch General Conference in English – and how wonderful it was! I loved Elder Holland’s beginning talk about being steadfast in your beliefs, despite the attacks of the world. Its so important, especially as the world grows increasingly wicked in Satan’s influence. One might ask- the world is changing values and things are becoming grey – how can I not be swept up in the fads and trends? Remember that the iron rod that leads to true eternal happiness is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ; it is the ONLY way we can know for sure that we are on steady ground, even in a world of constant transition.

2 Nefi 31:21

True to the faith!

Hermana Page

Saying goodbye to my district in Las Palmas.

Saying goodbye to my district in Las Palmas.

My new area is gorgeous!!

My new area is gorgeous!!

This is my new companion, Hermana Nunez.

This is my new companion, Hermana Nunez.

This girl braided my hair while I was teaching her mother.


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