“Creo en Cristo” (I believe in Christ) March 31, 2014

I feel a little lost. I apologize for the purely secular nature of my past few entries – it may be due to my currently skewed perspective.  I’m so far from perfect its ridiculous, yet somehow through the grace of our Savior I’m still here on a mission for Him. Humans are so imperfect; I can’t believe how anyone would think they DON’T need a Savior. The world distracts, tempts, taunts, and takes from us what we give it. The ONLY thing that carries us through our sorrows and pains is the One who understood it all, even Christ who gave His life so we could have ours eternally. This great gift and sacrifice could only be given by a purely loving Being, one who WANTS us to be happy forever.  If I’ve learned anything while being here on a mission, it’s that Jesus Christ loves me despite everything I do wrong. He wants me to change and be better.

Developing Christlike attributes is part of the reason we are here on Earth – to learn how to become more like our Savior. One of the hardest attributes for me to exercise right now is Hope.  After a whole transfer of seemingly unsuccessful missionary work, hope begins to seem unreachable and the purpose starts to fade. “Why can’t people see the truth? How did they fall away from what they KNOW was true?” In times like these I start to lose myself a bit. Then I remember Him. People refused and rejected Him when they SAW and HEARD Him. They heard pure doctrinal truths taught from His lips, yet crucified Him. While there will always be those who “reject this glad message,” those who endure with hope in Christ see the fullness of joy received in the knowledge of the truth. We have the TRUTHS of ETERNITY on the Earth and our PURPOSE of EXISTENCE.  How can we deny it?  Jesus Christ Himself leads and directs His perfect Church through a prophet of God.

Speaking of which, I’m absolutely stoked to hear from the prophet and apostles THIS WEEKEND. General Conference is such a blessing and can answer a lot of life’s questions. It’s for everybody! GO. ¡VÁYASE A LA CONFERENCIA, PUES!

Transfers are this Wednesday, and Hna Webster and I are hoping we will stay together – but I have a weird feeling I’m staying in Concepcion to train. It would be really good for me, but I’m scared.  Anyway its not for sure, but those are just my thoughts.

God exists and loves you.

Hermana Page

PS – Found a monkey. He wasn’t very positive…Image


One thought on ““Creo en Cristo” (I believe in Christ) March 31, 2014

  1. Cheryl says:

    The linked story might interest you as it was about a teenager who went to heaven and still went through difficulties afterwards according to a timeline given to him by the Lord.

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