Hello readers. Our house was broken into again. By us. We left for the district meeting and RIGHT when I closed the door I realized the keys were inside. We spent 30 minutes fishing a stick through a window by my desk to retrieve the keys. It worked! And only with a couple bruises.

THIS WEEK WAS GREAT!  WE ACTUALLY HAD INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH. Now I feel like a successful missionary again. Not that that defines success, but sometimes numbers get the best of ya. We had been talking to a single mother of 2 named Blanca, and at first she didn’t want to come because the trip would be too expensive. Then we told her to save one quetzal every day to pay for the trip, and God would bless her with what she needed. We called her in the middle of the week and she said she was saving the money… then Sunday came around and after picking up another investigator, we walked in and saw her there! She told us she didn’t have to pay because her sister randomly called her and said she would take her to Church. BLESSINGS!!

The other investigator is a mom named Marta who REALLY wants to get baptized, but can’t because she’s living with someone she’s not married to. Her .. guy (inactive member) also is married to someone else, and while his divorce is in process, her husband who lives in Shela doesn’t want to divorce her. She has called him so many times but he says to wait. We have told her to just keep going to church, reading the LDM (Libro de Mormon), praying, and bugging the guy to let her be divorced and get baptized. We are praying for him to stop being dumb. 🙂

I’ll end with this: Be good.

Hermana Page Image Tourist-ing it up in front of a Catholic church. Image It’s mango season!!!!  My favorite fruit!!!!



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