“Knees” – March 17, 2014

Pretty sure I got dengue fever this week; but don’t worry, the nurses told me to drink water.  That’s the mission joke because that’s basically the only cure they provide.

“Nurse, I have diarrhea, a fever, and a real bad headache.  Also I think this lump on my arm is cancer.  What should I do?”

“Are you drinking water?”

“Well, uh, maybe not as much as I should…”

“Well there’s your problem.”

It’s kinda ridiculous, but I’m just glad they gave me those parasite pills a while ago. Phewf! 


So I don’t have any crazy experiences this week (or at least not any I can remember), but I have indents on my knees.  I was feeling them during language study thinking, “hmmm… that’s kinda weird.” They’re from kneeling on our tile floor to pray every time we leave and enter the house.  Then I thought about the impact and “indent” I want the mission to have on my heart.  But how do you maintain an indent?  Keep doing it.  Keep praying.   I don’t want the lessons I’ve learned here and the effect of the mission to leave.  I sound like I’m leaving already.  Psh!


I completed 5 months yesterday. 


Hermana Page


PS.  I let Hna. Webster cut my hair.  Had to fix it afterward.





Bucket and window. . . from the Break in attempt. . . here’s a visual…


Contacting in the Ocosito.


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