Taken! – March 10, 2014

Well we weren’t actually “taken”, but someone broke into our house!   

I woke up at about 5:15am because I thought I heard the cockroaches scuttling in the room again. I looked up at the window by my pillow and saw a silhouette and two dark hands pushing against the slated panes, trying to pry them open.  I jolted out of bed and rushed over to Hna. Webster. With my finger to my mouth, I pointed to the window and told her to be quiet. We rushed out of the room and grabbed the phone. Shaking, I called the zone leaders and they said they’d be right over.  Just as I hung up, the doorbell rang. With wide eyes and a trembling voice, I yelled from the window by the door, “Quien?!”  He responded in a drunken voice that we had left something of ours outside, and he wanted us to come get it. Hna Webster began yelling at him telling him to leave and never come back. He said OK and then we heard nothing. We didn’t hear him leave the front part of the house, which worried us because we thought he was still there. When the office assistants and the zone leaders arrived, they came in to check the house with their bats and random pieces of metal (“people-killing tools”). They didn’t see anybody, but had spotted a drunk guy passed out on the corner upon entering our neighborhood. After hearing his voice and claiming it was him, the police came and punched him in the gut a couple times and took him away.  Later we found out that they just let him go because we didn’t have enough evidence it was him, even though we found a bucket – that we hadn’t moved – by our window with a big ole footprint on it.  Besides not being able to sleep as well, we are still safe in our house. Cool story bro.
And we also went to the beach. Didn’t get to swim or anything, but it was still fun. 

Hermana Webster & Hermana Page


Jumping missionaries! Fun in the sun.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with missionaries, especially the really opinionated ones that think they know everything about missionary work. In those times, I learn a lot about humility and patience. There isn’t just one way to do the work, and no one does it perfectly – and that’s why the Holy Ghost is so crucial! Living worthy of it isn’t easy, but is worth it!
Hermana Page

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