Like a Light in my Mind – March 3, 2014

This week was full of difficulties and funny experiences.

First off, Jorge and Jonathan didn’t get baptized because their dumb godmother changed her mind saying that if they got baptized, she wouldn’t support them in anything. Of course, we didn’t find this out until an hour after their scheduled baptism. We had searched for them for 3 hours, going to their house and talking with their grandpa who kept lying to us. Each family member said something different about where they were. “Oh they’re in Shela.” “They went to Mazate.” “He went to Guate.”  Stinkin liars!  But as we were headed back to the chapel to tell everyone the news, our ward mission leader drove up on his motorcycle with Jonathan!  Even though he didn’t get baptized, we were glad to be able to talk to him and find out what was wrong. We will see what happens with them. What’s that virtue… oh yeah, patience.

We stopped and talked to a guy manning a gate to some fancy looking residentials, and casually talked to him for a bit.  Hermana Webster started sharing our purpose as missionaries, and he was just looking around, paying only half of his attention to what she was saying. He kept saying, “Si pues. Asi es. Exacto.” (Yeah well. So it is. Exactly).  I didn’t have a lot of patience with this guy, so I cut in, 
“Listen, you said you want to learn more about Jesus Christ, so you need to go to church!”

“Asi es.”

“And read and pray.”


“And get baptized.”

“Si pues.”

Needless to say, we wished him a good day and left.

While visiting some of our more positive investigators with Armando (ward mission leader), we stopped by the house of a couple named Carlos and Louisa. There were men working on the telephone pole outside the house because the electricity was out in the vicinity. We entered their house and began teaching Carlos, while Louisa was out worriedly watching them work on the pole. About halfway through the lesson, I was explaining how the Holy Ghost works in getting answers to our prayers. “It’s different for each person. When I read the scriptures, the Holy Ghost speaks to me like a light in my mind.” Just as I said this, I pointed heavenward and the lightbulb on the ceiling turned on. We looked around at each other like “Woahhh”.  It must have seemed really cool.

Hermana Webster and I have a lot of fun together. Of course we still focus on our responsibilities, but its also good to just ENJOY the mission instead of seeing it purely as a sacrifice.  As frustrating and annoying as Guatemala can be sometimes, the Church is still true and this work is still important. We’re still chuggin.

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