“Baptized, y’all” … February 24, 2014

THREE MORE BAPTISMS what whaaat. Floricelda and her son Jorge, along with Christian, were all baptized on Tuesday before changes. Although it all seemed a little rushed, it was really special and they each felt the spirit in their own special ways. It was also sad afterwards, because Hna Goddard said goodbye (forever) to some ward members and recent converts. Tears were shed. 




But anyway after that the only thing we really needed to focus on was getting them to church that Sunday to be confirmed! I was worried something would come up, but we visited them throughout the week and they came! Christian arrived in jeans and a dirty white V-neck, but he came. That’s all that matters.
I’m still in Concepcion. Oh yeah, I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Webster, from Washington. Before coming to Concepcion, she was in San Felipe, which has a much cooler climate. She came in the same change as Hna Goddard, and is a really really good missionary.  As bold as she is with telling people they need to repent, she can still show them she loves them. We were talking to some ladies sitting outside their door when some drunk joven with one and a half legs approached us. We ignored him for a bit while talking to the women, but upon leaving we gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and walked away yelling REPENT.  It was funny. I’ve definitely learned a lot in the past 4 or 5 days with her. 
So we went to visit Jorge and Jonathan’s super Catholic madrina (God Mother).  After talking for a while with her and pretty much telling her to LISTEN to the testimony of her nephews, the spirit softened her heart a little and she said she would give her authorization to let them do what they choose.  Jonathan was all on board, but Jorge was still a little confused. The madrina said Its a sin to have two baptisms, and so now he’s not so sure.  We are going to visit him on Tuesday and resolve all of this so they can get baptized together on Saturday! Yay!
Hna. Keltner is still in my district, but Hna. Goddard fue para (went to) Mazate! It’s not terribly far, but yeah. 
Oh, and my parasite should be almost gone hopefully. 
Hermana Page
PS – The secretary made a cool new website for the mission. misionretalhuleu.org.

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