“Parasites” … February 17, 2014

Hey y’all, I got a parasite! 

Don’t worry though – “it’s just a baby so it hasn’t laid eggs yet or anything.” Comforting, right?  But really it’s not that bad, I just have to take pills every 6 hours for ten days. I’m excited to be restored to my normal amount of energy and not have a baby creature inside of my intestines. Grotesque, I know. I apologize.

Besides that things have still been pretty tough.  Bad things always happen right before people get baptized. With Jorge and Jonathan, it was the madrina (Godmother).  With Floricelda and Jorge, it was sudden sickness. They didn’t come to church on Sunday, which really sucked because they needed that asistencia (attendance) to get baptized this Tuesday (before Hna Goddard and Hna Keltner most likely leave).  Luckily the bishop is going to give his permission and we are gonna have a baptismal service this week! 

Christian, a 25 year old snake (person that flirts with the missionaries), is also getting baptized on Tuesday. It’s kinda funny, because he REALLY wants to be good friends with us so he will always ask us to ice cream and dinner.  He’s very persistent, but also very eager to learn and LOVES the Book of Mormon.  His questions are so profound and he is very intelligent – he really just belongs in the States.  Not to be racist.  But seriously. We are happy for him.

It’s hard for people to grasp any idea of freedom when they’re in captivity.  If someone is doing drugs or is in a jail, he will think he’s happy and free to do what he wants because he is DOING what he wants. His perspective is limited. But everyone outside can clearly see he is incarcerated. So really, it ALL depends on perspective.  I like to bring out the wooden plan of salvation thing in my lessons to remind people of their eternal destiny, in addition to explaining some commandment or principle.  It helps them remember why we make good decisions NOW. “Do you want eternal happiness or not? yeah? then OBEY.” People are not analytical at ALL here, and we have to teach REALLY simply and just flat out TELL them what to do. “Do you love Jesus? Good, show you love Jesus by going to church.”

Transfers are coming up this Wednesday, and we are all pretty sure that I am going to get a Latina companion, Hna Goddard is going to Coatepeque, and Hna. Keltner is going to Mazate.  These are all postulations, so we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.  There is also a slight chance that I might finish Hna Keltners training here in Concepcion.  I honestly doubt it, considering my Spanish is not top notch… but it is a possibility.  I will do whatever!  

Next week’s email will be better, I promise.

Hermana Page


Her pills for the parasite.  She’s overjoyed.




“Don’t think I wasn’t loved for Valentine’s Day”… 20 year old “Orlando” from her english class made her feel special. 


One thought on ““Parasites” … February 17, 2014

  1. Grandpa Chris says:

    Hola Hermanna Page,
    Glad U R dealing with UR unwanted guest. – does the parasite have a specific appellation? Just my innate medical curiosity manifesting itself 🙂
    So true about the opposition striving continually in myriad ways to obstruct souls from finding the joy that is the Gospel. Take your pills as directed and discover new energy !!! GC y B

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