Twas the night before Thursday …. February 10, 2014

… when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except for a freaking COCKROACH rustling through my stuff next to my pillow!


I woke up at 2:30 am to the sound of a creature crawling through some plastic grocery bags next to my bed. Remember how good my imagination is? Yeah.. well I imagined it was a poisonous snake just chilling by my face. Just as I was about to wake up Hna. Goddard, I heard something drop onto her bed. She startled awake and said something was on her neck. She didn’t seem too worried (she never is), so I told her about the snake and we turned on the light to find two huge cockroaches scurrying on the ground. We grabbed the cockroach spray and killed them, and Hna. Keltner told us she thought she had seen something crawling on her bed too. Hna. Goddard laughed. I scowled. Hna. Keltner whimpered. I think we are all hoping we don’t have anymore midnight cockroach battles.


Jorge and Jonathan weren’t baptized. They didn’t show up to the TWO baptismal interviews we set up. Their godmother has such a huge influence on them, especially Jorge, who is 17. Jonathan snuck away from her last Sunday and came to church. He REALLY likes it and honestly desires to be baptized. Jorge does too, he’s just a little more passive about it, and has more respect for the opinion of his godmother. We were going to talk with her this week about their baptism, but she’s sick and we can’t visit her until she gets better. UGH.  Sometimes its just too frustrating.  We will see what happens.


On a good note, we found Hector again (who was positive in December but we were never able to find him after that). He owns a Creperia, so we go to his work to teach him there. He received the Restauracion very well, even with a couple doubts (those are always good because it shows they are really thinking about it). After talking about his questions, he felt the spirit strongly and pretty much bore his testimony that what we just taught was true. Even shed a tear. We’re going to keep teaching him, but he won’t go to church without his wife, who he says is a little hard of heart. Teaching them separately will be good I think. They’re great!


Welp, that’s all I got for this week!

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