“Gwertermerler” – Jan. 27, 2014

A lot has changed this week… First of all, I’m now in a trio! Hna. Keltner was in the 2-week program at the CCM, so she came in-between a transfer. So, now Hna. Goddard is training two! Although, I’m just about to finish up my training, so basically I’m helping to train also. Keltner minored in Spanish at BYU, so she’s pretty decent at Spanish. Right now we are just helping her learn teaching techniques, Guatemalan phrases, and the missionary lifestyle! She’s doing really well for her first weekend – of course, she DOES have two gringas so that makes it a little easier :).

I also have bad news. Adolfo wasn’t baptized. His date was set for the 25th. A couple days before, we were going to his neighbor´s house to bring her to the lesson with him, when she told us he didn’t want to hear the lessons anymore. She said he dreamt of his wife, and that she told him not to go in this path. He had been doing all he could to go to the temple and be sealed to his wife (he loves her SO much), so of course Satan could target his weakness and try to stop his spiritual progress, especially after his baptismal interview a week ago. We were heartbroken. We had been working with him for a month. The morning of his baptism we met with him to see where he was at. After reiterating the dream to us, and explaining his confusion and torn feelings, we concluded that he was still open to baptism and still wanted to go to the temple to be sealed to his wife. He told us he just needed time and the opportunity to pray and ask God about the dream and about his baptism. We urged him to fast this coming Sunday along with his prayers. So we will meet with him after next Sunday, if he permits us, to see where he is at.

I sure have been here for a while, huh? I feel like I haven’t shared much about my new “lifestyle”, so here’s a little bit of my Guatemalan missionary life: I get up at 6:30, and while still in my PJs, walk out to the study room to stretch. It’s pretty tough exercise – especially when I initiate the “star stretch”, which includes lying down on the floor in star position. Then after a crunch or two, I get up and go take a 5-minute cold shower, because no one likes cold showers. After getting ready I either make beans/eggs or cereal (lately I’ve gotten fancy and made french toast). Anyway, besides the boring details, we usually leave the house around 11 and call a tuc-tuk (if an empty one passes by without getting us – I call them racist).

When we are walking down the street contacting people, they’re almost always civil; then when we ask if we could come in and share the message, they won’t tell us no, but will pull out EVERY excuse they have. I could write a book on Guatemalan excuses.

“I’m cooking lunch, and people are coming over in an hour.”

“Right now I’m going to leave.”

“I’m Catholic.”

“Another day would be better.”

“There’s a baby in here, and if you guys come in, it might cry, and I’d feel bad.”

Then when we try to set another appointment to come back:

“You guys always pass right? Just stop by and maybe I’ll be here.”

“I couldn’t tell you exactly when, because then if you came and I’m not here, I’d be a liar. I don’t want to be a liar.

That doesn’t mean all are closed off; some will still let us enter so they can hear the “palabra de Dios” (word of God).  So we´ll walk onto their dirt property, avoiding the little puddles of duck pee and wait for them to bring out plastic chairs and stools, which you’re pretty sure you’re going to break with your newfound addition of mission fat. Nevertheless, we sit down with them, sing, pray, and teach ém the gospel!

You know the canned rainforest/jungley sounds that they play in Rainforest cafe and the adventure rides at Disneyland? That’s what I fall asleep to every night. IT’S LEGIT, but don’t get too jealous yet, I still wake up with one too many bug bites on my legs.

Anyway, so that’s a little snippet of Guatemala! We had interviews with the President right before Hna. Keltner came, and he told Hna. Goddard that she was leaving right after this transfer, and that they’d put in a Latina to be with me in Concepcion. That was before they knew Hna. Keltner was going be with us, so anything could happen!

Speaking of which, CONGRATS Jillian and Zak on your baby! Wow, crazy.

Okay, that’s all.

Hermana Andrea Page


Still working with the camera timer…..


Evelyn, yo, Hna. Keltner, Hna. Goddard


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