January 13, 2014 – Earthquakes and Baptisms

Evelyn got baptized! She was so happy and excited. Neither her mom nor her aunt (member) could come because they were preparing for a wedding (ridiculous! come support your kid, dang it), but her cousin came and it was really special. Afterwards she bore her testimonio and teared up when she started talking about us, and the change that shes seen within herself. I definitely had tears in my eyes. After the service ended, we approached her and she cried again as we talked about how this joy can last forever. She is such a special spirit and has great desires to learn and partake of the joy of the gospel. I love her! Now we just need to work with her mom and brother…


We experienced a baby earthquake a couple days ago. Hna Goddard was showering, and I was in my room getting ready, when the room started shaking. I jolted up and ran out half-dressed, glued myself to the door frame shouting, “What do we do?!, What do we do?!!” to the two Hermana’s who don’t speak a lick of english. One of them looked frightened too, but by the time she got up it was over. She said something I didn’t understand, I chuckled nervously and then went back into my room shaking. Now I know how I’ll act in the moment of a disaster; I’ll lose my wits and panic. Good to know.


Whoever said you lose weight in the mission must’ve unknowingly had a parasite or something because I’m gaining for sure. I’m puttin on the tortilla tummy that EVERYONE has here. Still trying to decide if its worth it… Some of Hermana Goddards recent converts blatantly tell her that she’s gotten fatter, it’s kinda funny. Its all because of Proverbs 28:25 – this is why missionaries are chubby!


Last P-day we went to some Mayan Ruins that I can’t remember the name of. .. Something like Taka huki manijinana. Yeah that’s not it. Anyway they were just lame rocks but the location was awesome! Lots of jungley fun. It was only about a 30 minute drive, and took about 20 minutes to get through the tour. Also they had a sketchy zoo with horrible living conditions for the animals, but hey its Guatemala. The people don’t have it much better, unfortunately.  I got some pretty cool National Geographic quality pics though, so it wasn’t a completely worthless trip. 🙂


This past week my personal studies have been focused on Christlike attributes. Its really humbling to realize how much I have to work on.  I was reading about humility, ironically enough, and came upon a scripture in Proverbs that explains how we need to allow reproof and correction to mold us into something better. I don’t know about you, but its hard for me to take correction! I just want to be right all the time! Its especially hard as a missionary, because I want so BADLY to be the best missionary I can be, but I need that correction and reproof to help me.  Humility is not easy to develop and retain, but its a process and can help us focus on others and serve Gods children.


Keep it up! (your humility, that is),

Hermana Page



Evelyn at her Baptism!


They paint their rocks for good luck!


We wanted brownies, so we cooked them during our weekly planning. . of course we forgot a mixing tool . . . then I remembered I had 10 of them!


Mayan Ruins. . . awkward rock modeling.


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