January 6, 2014 – Member Missionaries

Si pues. (Yes, well)

 When they say that you will experience your highest highs and lowest lows on the mission, they mean it.

 I haven’t experienced the drastic ends of either one yet, but this week has testified to the fact! One day can seem so incredibly good, with awesome lessons, interested people, and animo (excitement); while the next is filled with dropped appointments, rejection, and fatigue. For instance – Saturday we exceeded every goal we had set the previous day. We saw a lot of progression with our investigators and went to bed feeling great!  Sunday we got up with high hopes of having a ton of investigatores in church, but many didn’t show.  Even though we were disanimated (whats that word…?) (depressed or unmotivated) we kept going.  And we were blessed for it! That night we had a lesson with a family that we hadn’t seen in a while, and it was awesome. So kids, the moral of the story is – keep pressing forward, and the Lord will bless you.

 A couple days ago, Jehovas Witnesses knocked on our door during our personal study.  It was kinda funny, because he really tried to dispute, but Hna Goddard and Valenzuela responded calmly and tried teaching him the first lesson, Book of Mormon in hand. I was inside listening so I didn’t “witness” it, but there were many pauses where he didn’t know what to say.  Some people know truth when they find it, but are too closed to allow it in.

 Evelyn’s baptism is this Saturday! We’re really excited for her – the change we’ve witnessed in her eyes and demeanor is all because of the joy the gospel brings and the influence of the Spirit. She was prepared to hear it when we first met her, but it’s been really neat to see her spirit blossom.

 Also, Adolfo finally came to church, and he loved it! He’s totally ready for his 25 de january fecha (date).

 Can I just testify.. that MEMBERS are AWESOME.  I used to think they were a bit of a bother, to be honest. All they would do is ramble about deep doctrine and arcane gospel subjects to our investigators who didnt even know what authority was. One time we were contacting with a 60 year old woman, and we came upon a man with his daughter outside his house. After explaining a bit of the Plan of Salvacion, she started talking about family history and temple ordinances. As I looked at her with a smile plastered to my face, I imagined a needle and thread sewing her mouth shut.  It didn’t work.

 But that was just one experience. This week was a week of member miracle working. We had a noche de hogar con una familia (family home evening with a family) and BOTH teenagers brought friends to listen – total surprise to us! This really is the way to do missionary work – through the members. It’s how the Lord has commanded, we’ve heard it in General Conference, so GET TO WORK! Just kidding… but really. This gospel is true and eternal, and if you really love your nonmember friends and family, you’ll share it with them. “Missionary work isn’t to raise numbers in the Church, it’s to raise numbers in heaven!” – Hermana Page. Quote me.

Paz afuera, (peace out) 

Hermana Page




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