December 31, 2013 – ¡Feliz Navidad!

This post is a wee bit late because our Pday yesterday was completely occupied by a multi-zone Christmas activity. We ate, had a Preach My Gospel quiz, watched every zone perform an act, and then chilled for about an hour or so. Our zone performed a dance to an electric guitar version of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”. It was kinda bad. The choreography was awesome (thanks to Hermana Bontempo), but the dancers… not so much.

For Christmas eve we visited a couple members houses between citas (appts), and EVERY one gave us tamales. For the holiday seasons, all Guatemaltecos eat tamales for breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, dinner, second dinner, dessert. Chicken tamales, beef tamales, pork tamales, chocolate tamales… And I don’t even LIKE tamales. So we always said “¿Para llevar?” (to take to go?) and then threw them away later. Hna. Goddard got sick from them. Yeah, we are done with tamales.  Later that night the other hermanas slept at our house, and we put the mattresses on top of the roof! Just as we were about to fall asleep, 12am hit and the sky exploded with fireworks. The bigg”ns here arent illegal. They were so close and so huge that ash was falling on our faces. Although smoke filled the air, it was the perfect spot and SO cool. After they ended, we laid on our backs gazing at the few bright stars in the smoke tainted sky. Flocks of graceful white birds shone against the blackness of the night, adding to the brilliance of the experience. The next day we talked to families via Skype and continued working!
I experienced my first Guatemalan rain! We were teaching a woman on some stools outside her house, when suddenly she got up and took her stool in, hurriedly shouting back to us, “¡Pasen, adelante!” (Come in!) We followed her in, sat down on the couch, and within second it was literally pouring. It doesnt start gradually, and they arent little droplets. Its intense! Of course, she had a metal roof, so there was no way to teach without yelling. Eventually we couldnt hear anything so we said goodbye and walked in the river streets to our next appointment.
We are finding more positive people to teach! Evelyn, a 13 year old girl with a great desire to learn, came to church last week and she is excited to get baptized in two weeks. We found a family and taught them a little; after we set an appointment and the guy WROTE IT DOWN in his agenda. Guatemalans dont do that. Ever. So we were pretty excited about their commitment to meet with us again.
I have a new appreciation for MoTab; its like a healing balm after a long day of unsuccessful contacting or dropped appointments. One of my favorites is Come Thou Fount, especially when it says “Heres my heart, Lord take and seal it…” I thought about my own heart and my pride, how hard its been to give up so much. The Lord doesnt care about the earthly things we give up, but wants us to give our hearts to Him – to make a change in ourselves to align our will with His. To more abundantly feel the Lords love in your life, listen to this song, and think about all that has been sacrificed for you. The Lord sacrificed His Beloved Son. Jesus Christ sacrificed His life. All that He requires is that you give Him your heart. He loves you.
Onward and upward!
Hermana Page
PS – Pretty sick cockroach pic, huh? Its a 40X zoomed up because I didnt want to get close to it.
PPS – In the multizone thingy, i met up with some of the elders in the CCM. Theyre doing well!
Who trained who from left to right.
Sunday’s lunch of WONDERFUL food, fun picnic style!
Christmas Eve – First round of tamales!

One thought on “December 31, 2013 – ¡Feliz Navidad!

  1. Tami Minnick says:

    Hi! Love your daughters blog! My daughter, Hermana Minnick is also in REU! We have a closed Facebook page, (Retalhuleu, Guatemala LDS) if you are interested!

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